TEA shop with a Twist

The future of the high streets in UK is uncertain; as consumers turn their backs on traditional stores in favour of online shopping, thousands of shops including familiar brands are likely to face closure in coming years.

We got a live brief from FITCH design studio: create a unique space that will bring people to the high streets. This project was a team project by Joanna Hobbs, Tomokko Monno and Caroline Solheim.

We created a tea shop with a twist – this isn’t just another tea shop, it’s an experience. ‘TEA’ offers ready-blended teas for every personaliTEA, or you can use you creativiTEA to infuse your own individual blend. We captured the ‘British’ culture of tea through word play, nostalgia and a slight eccentricity. All the products are fair-trade making sure some money goes back to the tea farmers: ‘community to community’.

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Skills: Branding & Identity, Packaging, Print