Create an homage to something that’s disappearing, lost, forgotten or underappreciated. Then make the perfect homage for that topic.

I choose hand shadows, or shadowgraphy, which is the art of performing a story using images made by hand shadows. This is possibly one of the oldest forms of entertainment – to put your hands together in the most curious angels, and with light create something truly beautiful and amazing.

Since shadowgraphy is one of the oldest forms of performing a story, I decided to make a pop-up book where the hands pop up. With light, the shadows will reveal their real shapes. I was really challenged during this process; how do you make a pop-up book? After a while I started to understand the basics of it, and then I experimented.

The whole book is black – paper and ink – this to represent the shadow. The book has a wrap-around with a die-cut hand in the same size as the pop-ups inside. When you remove this white cover you will see the shadow (the book) underneath.

shadowgraphy-css-1 shadowgraphy-css-2 shadowgraphy-css-3 shadowgraphy-css-4 shadowgraphy-css-5 shadowgraphy-css-6 shadowgraphy-css-7 shadowgraphy-css-8 shadowgraphy-css-9

Skills: Branding & Identity