Mule Magazine

ICOGRADA has decided to re-address the issue of design ethics and sustainability by publishing a printed magazine. They want a magazine that talks to graphic designer about ethics of Graphic Design.

My magazine is called ‘Mule’, which is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. This name was chosen to show that by combining two different things you could achieve a stronger result. In this magazine I have combined a good designer and the natural part of a person that cares and has sympathy and heart to produce a stronger, better and possibly life changing graphic designer.

Throughout the magazine I use a zigzag to show that this ethical road is not going to be straight, quick or easy, and that there will be challenges along the way. It is starts at the beginning of the magazine to symbolize the beginning of a journey, and never stops to signify that changing for the better is an endless feat throughout life.

Yellow is the colour throughout the magazine, and even the zigzag lines are also yellow sometimes. This is to symbolize the ‘yellow brick road’ from the Wizard of Oz; Dorthy (the reader) has found herself in an unfamiliar world (today’s world) and feels lost. In order to find her way, she follows the yellow brick road.

The punch line is; a good designer is not a designer who can design good stuff, but a designer with meaning and soul.

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Skills: Books & Magazines, Print