Feather Magazine

The brief was to come up with a concept for a magazine, and afterwards make the whole magazine with a minimum of 48 pages. We had about two months to make a name, graphic profile and layout, find content and to produce the magazine.

I decided to make a fashion magazine with a distinctive style: Vintage, Bohemian and Glam Rock. I had to contact two persons to interview to get text and images. I also made the font for the Feather logo. The magazine is hand stitched together.

feather-css-1 feather-css-2 feather-css-3 feather-css-4 feather-css-5 feather-css-6 feather-css-7 feather-css-8 feather-css-9 feather-css-10 feather-css-11 feather-css-12

Skills: Books & Magazines, Print