Cutting Edge

The process of making both film and fashion involves cutting and joining. These notions are carried through the brand identity in the form of a homemade font and graphic cutting patterns. Print materials are joined together with physical stitching, again referencing how cloth and film are joined. The profile is dark and sexy, with a hint of gold to suggest luxury and exclusivity.

The catalogue is a small and simple hand-stitched booklet. It is divided into two sections – one side is in English, and when you turn the booklet around you get the Russian version. All the headings, and the logo, are gold foilbocked.

The envelope is small and simple, with a machine-stitched border, and is perforated to make it easy to drag open. The paper is transparent to go with the translucent curtains in the exhibition. The Logo and the date are gold foilbocked.

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Skills: Books & Magazines, Branding & Identity, Print