African Colors

The brief was to develop a “self-help” concept. We were going to select a country/continent and pick a homemade product. The final product were going to be launched on the Norwegian marked and sold in special concept stores, where a certain % went back to the artisans / producers / small business / small farmers in the respective countries.

I picked “Sole Rebels” from Ethiopia. They make handmade shoes; where all the materials are organic and recycled from their own community. The final solution is 100% recycled materials from their community and 100% ECO friendly. The name of this series of shoes is “African Colors”, where these are the colours that shines ‘Africa’. The font and pattern is homemade by me — this is to get the african feel by looking at the box.

african-css-1 african-css-6 african-css-5 african-css-4 african-css-3 african-css-2

Skills: Branding & Identity, Packaging, Print